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15 October 2018 | Uncategorized

70,000 fans will attend next year’s Netball World Cup

70,000 tickets to next year’s Netball World Cup 2019 have already been sold as demand continues to grow

70,000 tickets to next year’s Netball World Cup 2019 have already been sold as demand to watch the sport continues to grow.

Six months on from England’s golden performance at the Commonwealth Games, the love for netball and anticipation for the Netball World Cup 2019 is reaching fever pitch with tickets for the final and semi-finals selling out within minutes.

Tickets are still available to purchase and a limited number of England tickets remain for session 12 on Wednesday 17 July and session 14 on Thursday 18 July. For more information and to get yours, click here.

Lindsay Impett, Netball World Cup 2019 Event Director, said: “The high demand for tickets for next year’s World Cup shows how netball’s profile is growing in the UK, as well as globally. It’s an extremely exciting time to be involved in the sport and especially to be hosting it here in England, after the Gold Coast success. We’re really looking forward to welcoming the world’s elite netball players to the Echo Arena in Liverpool, our world-class venue.”

The world’s eyes are now on the England Roses as the host nation and world number two team’s preparations intensify in the run-up to next summer’s tournament in Liverpool.

Kadeen Corbin, Commonwealth Games gold medallist, said: “The response from fans has been absolutely amazing, they backed us through the whole Commonwealth Games and to know that your nation is behind you all the way is absolutely fantastic. It’s been a great run for us but we’ve still got so much to do until the World Cup next year and it’s about what we can do now to make ourselves better for that.”

Netball-fever is gripping the host nation, with April’s historic and dramatic Commonwealth Games final inspiring more people to watch and play netball.

According to a recent survey conducted by YouGov PLC on behalf of England Netball, 130,700 adult women have started playing netball or playing more netball as a result of the Commonwealth Games.

The survey also revealed that 77% of adults who paid attention to the netball at the Games agreed that the Roses are an inspiration to girls.

CEO of England Netball, Joanna Adams, said: “Netball fever has well and truly swept the nation over the course of the last six months and England’s dramatic win continues to be talked about globally in the media. I am incredibly proud of the players, Tracey Neville, everyone who has ever played netball, coached, officiated, swept a court, our staff, our volunteers and netball widowers – they were all part of the history that was made that day six months ago.

“We have seen interest in our wonderful sport grow significantly since the Commonwealth Games, with more women than ever signing up to our participation programmes or continuing to follow the Roses’ progress.

“With the Netball World Cup around the corner, I believe momentum for netball will only continue to grow.”

England’s success at the Commonwealth Games has led to an ever-growing fan base for both the sport and the Roses. Of those who had paid attention to the netball or heard that the England team were playing during the Commonwealth Games, 1.8m people said that England’s win at the Games has inspired them to watch netball or watch more netball on TV since the momentous occasion.