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21 July 2019 | Uncategorized

Alexander urges Diamonds to hold heads high

Australia coach Liz Alexander has urged their players to hold their heads up high after another fantastic World Cup campaign ended with a silver medal.

The Diamonds came up just short of claiming a sensational 12th World Cup title, being edged out by New Zealand, 52-51, in an extraordinary final.

Alexander explained the hurt that her players were feeling:

“They’re shattered. They’re young women who wanted desperately to win a World Cup, and show the netball world, particularly in Australia, that they were the real deal. They’re hurting at the moment.

“There wasn’t really a lot different (to the previous match between the two teams), as the score was only one goal the other way. I think it’s just the moments that happen – a tip or a touch one way, a call one way. When you’re competing and it’s so even, you can’t put your finger on one thing.”

Despite the Australians’ obvious disappointment, Alexander emphasised her pride in her players, and believes that, going forward, the memories of this defeat can be used as a positive.

“(I want them to ) hold their heads up. We’re terribly proud of them – they’ve done everything to its absolute nth degree from a high performance point of view. You couldn’t get athletes who are more professional, and I’m really, really proud of them.

“We want to make sure that people are hurting, and to remember that, because that’s what drives athletes to higher levels of performance and training, and that group need to do that.

“They’ve obviously learnt a lot from that, and this group pretty much in the main will go forward into the next cycle.”