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29 March 2019 | Uncategorized

Mother – daughter duo volunteering together

Volunteering at this summer's World Cup will be a joint effort for mother-daughter duo Mandy and Hannah Cripps.

Volunteering at this summer’s World Cup will be a joint effort for mother-daughter duo Mandy and Hannah Cripps.

Making the 5 hour trip from Wiltshire, Mum Mandy will be leading the hospitality and functions team, whilst Hannah will be a member of the spectator services team. Clearly a close pair, the duo talk to us about what it means to be volunteering together at the World Cup.

  • Why did you decide to volunteer and did you decide to volunteer together?

M: “I have volunteered previously but never at a sporting event, I was inspired by the 2012 Olympics. Hannah had just returned from a year in New Zealand and I was so pleased to have her home, we thought it would be lovely to volunteer and spend some time together.”

H: After being away from home for a year, volunteering felt like a lovely thing to do with my mum as we get on really well and love watching live sport together. We both applied for the Pivoteer programme, had a short interview and got in! July is going to be amazing, we are both really looking forward to it!”

  • Do you play/have you played netball yourselves?

M: “I played a lot at school alongside many other sports. I haven’t played recently but I can imagine volunteering in the summer may inspire me back on to the court. I’m not quite as agile as I used to be and nowhere near as tall as players nowadays, but I do like to keep fit, cycling with my husband, indoor rowing and fitness classes.”

H: “I played netball at school and a little at university, and loved it. I have recently started training with a local team, the Downton Diamonds and I’m loving it. I would seriously recommend finding a local team to anyone who enjoyed it at school but lost touch with the game, it is inclusive, fun and a great way to get fit again.”

Then and now. Mandy and daughter Hannah will be volunteering together at this summer’s World Cup
 What does it mean to you to be volunteering at the same event as your daughter/mother?

M: “We are so excited to be volunteering together. We will be doing different roles but just spending the week together, sharing the experience will be a real joy. We are really pleased that both of us have been selected to be part of the event.”

H: “It is going to be great meeting new people and spending the week with mum, watching a great week of netball. I suppose she is quite funny as well, so it will be a good road trip to Liverpool too (5 hours!!).”

  • What do you admire about each other?

M: “Hannah is such a joy to be with. She makes me laugh; she is kind, thoughtful and challenges herself to step outside her comfort zone. I am proud of the volunteering roles she has undertaken and I am sure she will be successful making a career associated with volunteering.”

H: “Mum understands my emotions better than I do! She is a strong woman, hard worker and has inspired me from a young age. She throws the best family parties, is laid back and supports me in all my endeavours – plus she always makes me laugh!”

  • Have you volunteered before?

M: I have volunteered before, usually with my husband at History Festivals, so this experience will be very different, but that will be part of the fun!”

H: “I have been involved in Guiding from a young age and began volunteering when I was old enough. I have taken groups of girls away on camp, and find volunteering very rewarding. It is important to give up some time to facilitate events like this, and it will be extra special doing it with mum!”

  • What are you most looking forward to at the Vitality Netball World Cup?

M: “I’ve watched a lot of netball on the TV and school netball matches, so I am looking forward to experiencing the excitement of the crowd and being part of something so huge. England has such a strong team – we stand a really good chance of being successful.”

H: I agree, it is the atmosphere. Even though I wasn’t lucky enough to attend the Commonwealth Games, you could definitely feel the tension and excitement. Netball is such an inclusive and fast-paced game that can be enjoyed by all, even if you don’t play it yourself.”