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Safety and security

The safety and security of our spectators is of paramount importance to us. Here you can find out what we'll be doing to ensure your security at the event.

Vitality Netball World Cup 2019 are committed to maintaining the safety and security of our spectators throughout the World Cup.

Bag checks will take place on entry to the M&S Bank Arena Liverpool. Please refer to the spectator regulations for a list of prohibited and restricted items.

To enter the venue all persons must submit to a security screening. These may be carried out with the use of technical aids such as body and bag scanners and may take place on, before or beyond the point of entry to the venue. If ticket holders or accredited persons refuse to comply with any such inspections, they may be refused entry to or be removed from the venue.

A no re-entry policy will be in place for spectators attending the arena to spectate. Once you have entered a session and had your tickets scanned you will not be permitted to leave the venue and re-enter during the same session. For more information about this please refer to our spectator regulations

CCTV is in place at the venue. Images and footage captured by this equipment will be monitored by venue personnel. By purchasing and/or holding a ticket or accreditation, ticket holders and accredited personnel consent to the venue’s use of CCTV images and footage, and to the footage and images being retained by the ACC and shared with relevant third party authorities for the purpose of administering security programme for the event.

Pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting and other special effects may take place during some sessions.

Please be aware that photographers and broadcast organisations will be around the venue capturing footage from the match and spectator activities. Please refer to our spectator regulations for more information.